Flower Care

To ensure that your flowers have every chance to last as long as possible, here are a few practical and helpful tips to assist in extending the life of your flowers:

  1. When the flowers are first received, to ensure that each stem absorbs maximum water, cut 2 - 3cm off the bottom of the stems on an angle.
  2. In order to keep all flowers fully hydrated ensure that fresh water is used. Gerberas, Lilies and Roses should be placed in luke warm water, however bulb flowers like Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips prefer colder water.
  3. To help reduce the amount of bacteria build up and increase your flowers life span, ensure the vase is cleaned before the flowers are first placed in it.
  4. To help keep your flowers appearing fresh and vibrant, clean your vase every two days and refill, rather than top up the water.
  5. Unlike bouquets, boxed arrangements are hydrated with damped floral foam. In order to keep these flowers fresh this foam needs to be damp. If the foam feels dry, gently pour water onto it to dampen. (½ - 1 cup of water determined by size of arrangement)
  6. Vase placement is also a key factor in ensuring the flowers have their maximum life span. This can be done by keeping the flowers out of drafts and areas with direct sunlight during the day and at night keep them in a cool, protected area.
  7. Keep the flowers away from fruit, as fruit gases can accelerate the flower aging process.
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