Romantic Flowers

Romantic Flowers

Sending flowers to express heartfelt wishes has been a time honoured tradition for millennia because the intrinsic language of flowers allows people to express their deepest emotions without uttering a word. From the simple elegance of a single passion red rose, to an extravagant mix of blooms bathed in colour, a surprise arrangement of flowers is guaranteed to create a cherished memory and a huge smile. Spoil your nearest and dearest, and show them how much they mean to...

Whether it be a new romance, a long term flame, a first love or an enduring love, we have the perfect range to express your heartfelt sentiments. Send sensuous roses, ensconced in either an elegant gift box, or presented in a bountiful bouquet. Alternatively, for those with an exotic taste, we have gift boxes filled to bursting with fragrant and colour saturated lilies. Our mixed arrangements offer a veritable visual sensation of hues, with vibrant gerberas, roses dipped in velvety pink, delicate irises, and sunshine yellow lilies trumpeting their fragrance. We know how important the message these flowers convey is, which is why we only use the freshest flowers, sourced locally. You can trust that your message of love, trust, romance and affection will be presented in the most beautiful way possible.

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