Network of florists

VIP Flowers unique flower delivery service has been built up with a network of creative and passionate florists. Unlike other flower delivery services, which have varying quality, we have selected the best florists all over Australia to ensure our deliveries are executed to meet your expectations. Our designs are tailor made with exact ingredient lists to ensure every arrangement is just as beautiful Australia wide. These florists have been selected to be members of our fantastic team, whose pride and joy is to deliver the quality flowers you have purchased with the highest level of customer service. This is our guarantee and we will ensure consistency and quality and will not settle for anything less.

Fresh cut gifts

Our florists receive flowers from growers Australia wide to use in our colorful and bright arrangements. We try to use our local Australian growers when possible to ensure the highest quality of flowers as well as to support the Australian floral industry. VIP Flowers is very proud to support our local growers, wholesalers and florist.

From market to your door

Shipped in refrigerated vans and transported to the markets, the flowers once cut are offered for sale the very next day. Once at the markets our florists make a selection choosing only the very best on offer so that they have to finest ingredients available in their shop.

From the moment the flowers are cut to the time they arrive in our stores the process is less than 24hrs which ensures high quality and long life.

The art of flowers

Creating every gift with a sense of artistry and skill, our florists realize how important their role is in this process. Flowers are sent to send Love, or wish a Happy Birthday or Get Well and our florists realize that each of these emotions needs to be represented in their work. Floristry is the expression of beauty through nature, colour and design. Our florists take their role very seriously and have gained qualifications to at least a TAFE or Diploma level. Our VIP floral network is experienced and passionate to continually provide excellent products every day.

Sign, sealed, delivered

It is our promise to look after every order with a duty of care. We use air conditioned vans and trucks during the transportation of your gift so that it is at its best upon arrival. Our florists ensure that they use high quality couriers or private delivery vans in order to maintain a fast and effective service. Deliveries are guaranteed by 5pm to business address and 6pm to a residential address. We also can make allowances for timed deliveries such as events and funerals.

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